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We invest in the people creating the future of innovation.

Our investment approach is people-driven, which leads us to partner with exceptional entrepreneurs who are passionate about creating the future of innovation with financial technology (fintech) that results in a positive return for our organization and the world.


What We Do

WIV Ventures deploys seed-stage capital to back teams who not only have the talent to execute exciting change but have the unstoppable drive to overcome the endless challenges that are inevitably required for an early-stage company to become a market leader and beyond.


Our Approach

We invest where we add value. We believe that financial returns and societal returns can exist together. So, we are here to create positive outcomes for society and positive returns for our organization.


Our Mission

At WIV Ventures, we aim to fuel innovation and growth in the fintech industry by providing strategic investments and invaluable expertise. We are committed to identifying and supporting visionary entrepreneurs, fostering cutting-edge technologies, and revolutionizing the financial landscape to create a more inclusive and prosperous future for all.

WIV Ventures


WIV Ventures, LLC
Austin, Texas

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